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  • Online Kierkegaard Links
    "This site is set up with the wish that it might lead you, the reader, through the riddles and mirrors by which Kierkegaard hoped to guide us back to and beyond ourselves in primitivity."
  • Existentialism Philosophy Blog
    This site is "open to the public for posting Philosophical essays and inquiry, especially on Existentialism".

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Existentialism Websites

  • The Existential Primer
    This site is on existentialism and its precursors, and has a section devoted to Kierkegaard.
  • The Cry
    Subtitled "a cry towards the absurd". It has a section devoted to Kierkegaard.

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  • Free Online Classes: Philosophy
    Top universities from all over the country are offering free online courses to help students and professionals expand their education and skills.

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  • Episteme Links
    This site seeks to be an exhaustive catalogue of Philosophy-related Internet resources. It may contain the most exhaustive list of references.
  • TPM Online
    The Philosopher's Magazine.