D. Anthony Storm's Commentary on Kierkegaard

A Special Note from Nancy Storm

D. Anthony Storm (Dan) passed away from brain cancer on March 7th, 2012. I want to thank those of you who prayed for us and sent encouraging letters during this difficult time. I will try to keep Dan's Kierkegaard site up for you to continue to enjoy. God bless you, Nancy Storm.

About This Site

This site contains an online Commentary on the writings of the nineteenth century existentialist philosopher Søren Aabye Kierkegaard. Information on every published work and article (including many unfinished writings and journal entries) is presented here with publication data, quotes, detailed commentary, and images. There are also supplementary materials to aid in your research. A good place to start is to go straight to the Commentary itself where you can view abstracts of the works before diving in. You can also access every entry of the Commentary through the navigation on the right without returning to the Commentary page. By selecting the "Expand / Collapse Commentary" link you can expand and collapse the menus, quickly drilling down to the information you want. Those links are arranged according to time periods. Enter the Commentary now.

Technical Notes

The site is coded in HTML5, with CSS3. Because browsers are freely obtainable, I feel that it is reasonable for users to upgrade regularly. I have tested this site on Firefox 6, Safari 5, IE9 in IE7 emulation mode, and Chrome 13 for Windows7 respectively. (Because IE9 is in beta I am forcing it to render as IE7 because of trouble I have had with font embedding). I have also made the decision to support 1024 X 768 screen resolution as a minimum standard. If you have a newer version of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, the page will expand to 1220px wide. Note: I no longer support IE6. The site may be pretty unsightly if you use that browser.

If for any reason you have JavaScript turned off in your browser, you will not be able to show/hide the abstracts on the main Commentary page, nor expand/collapse the right commentary menu. However, the expandable navigation and the Commentary abstracts will be fully expanded by default.


None of the historical images at this site are owned by me. Either they were scanned from books or found on the web. Grateful acknowledgement goes to Kierkegaard Manuscripts at Det Kongelige Bibliotek for their excellent and helpful web site on Kierkegaard, the source for many of the images at this site. Thanks to Wikipedia for the image of SK's statue and another image of SK. Thanks to Bradley K. Warden for the photo and text for Kierkegaard's Cupboard which resides at The Søren Kierkegaard Collection in Copenhagen City Museum (Bymuseum).

Acknowledgement goes to Princeton University Press for its publication of Kierkegaard's Writings, which is the definitive English translation of Kierkegaard's works. Most of the lengthy quotations are from this source, as well as the images of the works' title pages, and other images. Acknowledgement also goes to Penguin Books for Alastair Hannay's Journal and Papers: A Selection for many of the journal quotes.

The scripts used are from the jQuery javascript library. The "accordion" script used for the expanding and contracting navigation was developed at Learning jQuery. Lastly, thanks to Remy Sharp for the script to force older versions of IE to recognize HTML5.

About The Author D. Anthony Storm

I have a BA in French with minors in Latin and Greek, and have completed the course work for a PhD in Classical Studies from CUNY. But my knowledge of Kierkegaard is largely self taught from decades of reading. I am an amateur in the best sense of the term. An amateur is, after all, one who indulges in something for the love of it. By trade I am a Web Developer. I am responsible for all content and coding (except as mentioned above), and hold the copyright for all text except for quoted material.

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