D. Anthony Storm's Commentary on Kierkegaard

Fifth Period: Direct Communication (1848-51)

Christian Discourses

  • Christian Discourses
  • Christelige Taler
  • 1848
  • KW17, SKS10, SV10

Like the upbuilding discourses, these discourses are largely theological and devotional in nature, though not devoid of philosophical themes. Although Kierkegaard is most noted as an existentialist philosopher, these works abound with a poetic heart. His phrases are beautiful and full of wonderful similes. This work is the fruit of the inspired year of 1848, and shows Kierkegaard at his liquid best. Walter Lowrie said, "The third section is the first example of the polemic against self-satisfied Christianity which was to dominate Kierkegaard's late writings".

All things work together for good—when we love God.

(More notes forthcoming).